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   Process Road Map

Process Overview: 4 Steps

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Step 1: Benefit Overview

In Step 1, you will learn about the two main types of government benefits:

  1. Needs-based benefits
  2. Benefits not based on need

Step 2: Verify Your Benefits

In Step 2, you will figure out which benefits you are receiving. If you receive ANY needs-based benefits, you will continue to step 3. If you are NOT receiving any needs-based benefits, you will skip to step 4.

Step 3: Instructions for Your State

Clicking your state on the map will take you to your state’s information page. You’ll what you need to do to limit the impact a settlement has on your needs-based benefits.

Step 4: Sign Acknowledgment

After you’re finished with the other steps, you will sign an Acknowledgment form that lets us know you’ve gone through the process and have reviewed the information provided to you. No settlement funds will be distributed to you until you sign the Acknowledgment.

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